What Crystal is This?


How are you? Long time no talk.
I was wondering if you could help me with this.
I found a stone-crystal. this one: image
I bought it over a year ago, but I don´t remember its name. Im between Blue lace Agate, Larimar (original from my country) and Blue calcite.
If it helps. I had a dream last…

Blue Lace Agate i bought a little over a year ago….

I found it and Im in the process of activating it once again.

I do believe it guided me through my dreams last night. Long story short, it gave me clarity to understand the wave of emotions i’ve been feeling.

Lovely day, bless !



Darla’s tumblr famous

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All faith and religion starts pure, a group of beautiful people finding peace within their souls. Can we all get back to when religion was about peace and not as an excuse to use hate on others?

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Anonymous asked:
Hello! How's life going so far? Anything new? when I'm going to be able to meet you =)?

hey, so far so good, except the fact that im not sure ill be able to continue university next semester due to lack of $$$…

i dont know when since i have no fucking clue of who u might be


Josh Kline, ‘Skittles’, 2014

Kline presents Skittles, an industrial refrigerator containing smoothies produced by the artist using unconventional and poetic combinations of ingredients including kale chips, squid ink, sneakers, phone bills, and pepper spray. Each smoothie stands as a portrait of a different contemporary lifestyle. When grouped together, they evoke a landscape of aspiration, taste, and – at times – deprivation in a metropolis like New York City.

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Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant in action.

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Red sand on Kaihalulu Beach, Hawaii — located in a volcanic cinder cone. The erosion of the volcanic cinders gives its sand a vibrant red hue.

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asperatus cloud

asparagus my ass tuRN THE FUCK AROUND

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mim and I with my most favoured board. pinky.

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